The Wake Up Call

I have created The Wake Up Call as a place to share music that I have written and produced.  The music from this project is about Self development, Empowerment & Spiritual Awakening. 

After my son's death in 2010, I went through a radical shift in consciousness. The shell of my ego cracked open and has continued to do so ever since. My music is inspired by these revelations and insights.

I've been teaching myself to produce my own music/sounds using Logic Pro and these tracks are the result of that work.  I create from an open-hearted space, where I experiment with sounds and allow the process to guide me as I go. 

So far the Wake Up Call project has seen me produce a bit of electronic music, using dance beats and synthesizers.  These sounds have been heavily influenced by the likes of Enigma, Deep Forest and Nora En Pure.  However, as I continue in this process, I am keen to create whatever I feel guided to and not be defined by a specific genre... so who knows what's to come?! 

I expect that the more I create, the better I will get. So, if you like my style, I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery; a Musical Voyage, that will explore the Laws of the Universe, and the depths and truths of what it means to live a truly Conscious Life.

Latest Music