This is a song about living in our truth and our power, as pure awareness.

So many of us hold onto judgements about ourselves, about others and about the world. We are quick to label things as "Good" or "Bad", which creates a big separation between "Us" and "The World" and keeps us stuck in conditioned mind patterns that play on repeat.

In truth we are not separate... from anything. In truth we are one. We are one awareness, expressing itself in many different ways. When we realise this, we drop all judgement and just be- in awareness!

Pure Awareness is who we really are!


Take away your judgements, take away your ideals.
Take away everything you saw as good and bad, take a look at how that feels.
Pre Chorus:
'Cause who are we anyway?
Just a product of our pre programmed beliefs.
And who were we born to be?
Pure awareness, realised and living free.
Walking in awareness- from the heart.
Walking in awareness.
Walking in awareness- it's who we are.
Walking in awareness.
It's who we, it's who we are.
It's who we, it's who we are.
Walking in awareness- walking in awareness.
Take away your sadness, take away your shame.
Take that away from everybody that you know.
Take another look at that pain.
Pre Chorus