1. Only Love

I wanted to try my hand at making a really chilled track that one might meditate or do yoga too. That was the initial plan, but as is usually the case with my music, it took on a life of its own. With that said, it is a very chilled track but maybe not a meditation piece, as I first thought.

The lyrics are inspired from Love and are about love. In my opinion, when we find the love for ourselves, we heal ourselves and in turn this heals the world. How? Most of the world's dysfunction starts with our own destructive ego that feels unloved and is often on the attack or defence when it comes to others. I believe that when we operate from a space of love (meaning to honour, trust and follow what feels good to us on a soul level), then this is what flows out into the world. The physical world is basically a mirror to what we are "being" and "feeling"- so when one feels love this is what they express outwardly.

It is my belief that when you strip back the layers of mind, ego and the physical self... Love is all that's left!

Best listened to through headphones or loud on good speakers, rather than phone or computer (still working on getting mixing and mastering sounding right).


When you look in your heart, what do you see?
Behind those scars- "Only Love."
When you look in your soul, what do you feel?
It's calling to you- "Only Love."
And when you look in your mind, tell me what do you find?
Behind that madness- "Only Love."

Heal yourself, and then you'll heal the world.
Where there's love, there's miracles.