1. Crossroads

From the recording Love and Let Go

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Another song of Hope, Crossroads takes you on a journey exploring the possibility of not losing hope after a time of such tragedy.

I came to realise that hope is a real driving force in life. After Jamie died it was the first time in my life I felt hopeless; such an awful place to be in. I remember feeling hope for the first time, and it gave me this sense of purpose again, like there was a reason for me to carry on.

The lyrics “it’s not your time to give up now”, is the first time I directly speak to my audience. For me it was an important message I wanted to convey on the album; it comes from my experience, that there are great gifts to be found in our darkest moments.

At Jamie’s funeral, I remember feeling completely heart-broken, empty and lost, yet I uttered some pretty contradictory words in my speech. I spoke to Jamie, “I wish I could have come with you but I know deep down that I must still have a purpose here in this lifetime.” At the time, I really wasn’t so sure but sincerely hoped I would come to realise this someday.

This song is my way of saying that I did eventually see firsthand that I still have a purpose being here. This tragedy has helped me grow into the person I am now; a person who is not afraid to shine! I hope to inspire other bereaved parents to believe (if they don’t already) that they too can use this as an opportunity to grow, learn and shine.


You’re at a crossroads, feels like you’re at the end of the road
Where do you go from here?
Time stands still, like a daffodil that’s been crushed and worn by the storm
Where do you go from here?

Feels like a hopeless cause – a dreadful affliction for anyone, anyone
Cause what’s hope there for anyway – it’s the sparkplug of life that keeps us
Carrying on for another day – one more second, one more minute, one more hour
Keeps us holding on…..

Your heart is breaking, the pain is aching, never mind what your head is saying
It’s not your time to give up now.
It’s your time to rise, your time to fly, time to shine your brightest light
But it’s not your time to give up now
Cause you’re gonna get through this somehow
Yes you’ll get through this somehow

Life twists and bends, just when you think you’re friends - think you have it sussed, it comes to an end
Where do you go from here?
Left stripped and bare, like a teddy bear, that’s been ripped and frayed and cast away
Where do you go from here?


It might take some time – blood, sweat and tears
But there’s a golden sky, waiting beyond the crossroads
And that’s where you go from here
That’s where you go from here…

Chorus x 2