1. Let it Flow

This track is a light-hearted creation that I had a bit of fun with. I tried out some funky bass sounds, which I think adds to its cruisy vibe.

It's based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks, who says that we should always choose the path of least resistance in our lives and when we do just that then our life is traveling downstream and in flow.

I have put this to the test in my own life and found it to be 100% true. Even when I just choose the better feeling thought my life seems to flow beautifully and more synchronistically.

This song is just a friendly reminder that we all hold the power to choose how our life will flow. It can take some work to reprogram our conditioned selves, but it all starts with us. If we choose loving thoughts and actions and follow our intuition then life will flow in the direction of our dreams. In my opinion, learning to let go of control and just trusting in our own inner-guidance is key to living in flow.


Well sometimes I think about, how I could have done this or that.
The different choices I could have made, and the different life that I would have had.
Cause every moment in this life, we have a choice to make.
Infinite possibilities, which road are you gonna take?

That's why I gotta let it flow, and let it go.
Don't you know, you're traveling downstream, when you let it flow.

Just a let it flow...
Ooooh aaaahhhh let it flow ahhhh
Just let it flow, yeah
Let it flow...


Well there's things I wanna see, and still things that I wanna do.
But I've learned that the key, in this life is gratitude.
Gratitude for every moment in this life, where we have a choice to be
The version of us we prefer, which you are you gonna be?

Chorus x 3

Just a let it go.