From the recording Love and Let Go

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As the title suggests, this song speaks about the unbelievable realisation that whilst it felt like my life had come to a halt, life still carried on as if nothing had happened. I tried to contemplate how everything around me could still be moving along ‘as normal’, when my life had been completely turned on its head.

The song touches on the gut-wrenching experience of returning home for the first time- empty handed. Everything was as we had left it, waiting for another day in our ‘expected’ life. Yet everything had changed and life would never again be the same for our family.

I felt the sting of my tiny existence, and yet I was strangely comforted by the idea that perhaps there was a bigger picture. The idea that other children could still enjoy the same swing that had given Jamie so much pleasure in his lifetime was unfathomable yet it strangely brought a sense of peace to my heart at the same time. It was a confusing yet enlightening time.


The rain’s still falling, the birds still sing their morning song,
the world’s still spinning around and round.
And my heart keeps beating, my lungs keep taking in more air,
these waves of grief keep coming down.

But how, how, how, can life just carry on?
The train’s on time, and school has begun.
But your heart stopped and so has my song…
And now you’re gone; and life carries on.

And your bed’s still made up, waiting for me to bring you home,
And tuck you up tight for the night.
And your books are all spread out, your favourite one at the top of the pile,
My tears they fall under the moonlight.


Yeah life carries on

And ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh the flowers and trees,
they don’t need you ooh, ooh, to softly sway in the breeze.
But without you, I’m brought to my knees,
cause now you’re gone, can’t believe you’re gone,
and life carries on.
Yeah life carries on, ooh.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
And the tide still rolls in, the sun still sets a brilliant bronze.
The children still play in your swing.
I guess life carries on even though your gone.