1. Memories

From the recording Love and Let Go

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This is one of the first songs I ever wrote after losing my son. It came to me as I remembered gratefully all of the “small things.” Those tiny moments in time that we take for granted. Like seeing Jamie’s nose crinkle when he got excited or those wonderful, morning cuddles and his delicious, baby, smell as he squeezed me tight still in his pyjamas.

Whilst these memories made me sad because I felt the lack of all these beautiful gifts, I suddenly realised that they were still just as beautiful, even if not here anymore. I realised it was the one thing that couldn’t be taken from me, and that these precious memories would forever be mine to cherish and be grateful for. I found comfort and healing in this new perspective.

NB: Listen out for a distinctive 'clap' in the intro. It was that of my 3 year old daughter!!!


Tiny footprints, little toes,
the crinkle of your nose.
No matter how the story goes
You’re a dream come true.

Pyjamas with teddy bears,
Your beautiful, starry eyed, stare.
No matter how cruel and unfair
It’s how the story goes.

All we have now are these memories – sweet memories
I gotta thank my lucky stars – even if that’s all we have now.
Gotta hold on to these memories – sweet memories
You can take away my boy – you can take away my joy…
But you can’t take these.

A kind of tiredness I’ve never felt before
lying face to face, on the floor.
A new territory, I’m feeling so unsure
but so happy too.

Holding you tight in my arms,
hypnotised by your baby charms.
Never wanting any harm,
to ever come to you.


No no no no , no no no no - You can’t take these
No no no no , no no no no no – You can’t take these.
And the kissing you and all the things we were to do, will have to wait.
What’s the point in living life, what’s the point in carrying on, if it aint great.
And your Twinkle Toes, and the name we chose, will live on and on and on and on.
It’s a lesson in loving and letting go – gotta move on…………..

You can take away my boy, you can take away my joy but you can’t take these
You can take away my boy, you can take away my joy but you can’t take these