From the recording Love and Let Go

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This song was written as a final lullaby to my son.

Remembering the many unsettled nights, I had antagonising over what it might have been like as he died without me there; I really resonated with the lyrics “Sleep Little One” when they came to me. I liked the idea of him sleeping peacefully and the image that the song gives that I was in control of helping him to gently drift off to the other side.

Whilst it is a heart-wrenching song, it really has its elements of hope in there too. There’s a strength that comes in being a parent; the kind of strength that lets you reassure your children that you are totally okay and they are safe. This strength helped me on my journey through my grief, and this song really illustrates the kinds of things I would say to myself, when imagining I was talking to my son. The idea that I will continue to ride my own wave of life and that I knew kindness would get me through, only emphasised a true, deep, inner wisdom & knowing that we all possess.

This song also signifies my acceptance of the fact that my life purpose was still not fulfilled, that my journey had to continue even though his had come to an end.

There is a strong element of “letting go” in these lyrics, which was all about me finally accepting what had happened in order to let go of the suffering. The lyrics, “I exhale to the world and let it in," signify my willingness to breath out some of the resistance and pain and let the new flow into my life.

I hope this song can help other bereaved parents to recognise their own circumstances, that they too still have full lives to live. Whilst it feels like your life is over, the grief can actually help you to see the basic beauties of life and make you realise that there is still more to come!


Sleep darling sleep – it’s time to drift out of this world
Time to close your eyes – and fly away.
Far beyond the clouds – past the rainbow, so colourful
So sleep little one – sleep.

And while you’re gone – I will ride that wave
While you’re gone- I’ll practise kindness everyday
While you’re gone – I will miss your precious face
But it won’t be long – till we meet again.

So sleep little one – sleep.

Sleep darling sleep – it’s time for me to let you go
Hardest thing I’ve ever done – but new beginnings are in flow.
So I exhale to the world – and let it in
While you sleep little one – sleep.


So sleep little one – sleep

For the world holds treasures for us both – while you sleep
And I’m awake now – I see
That you’re closer than ever before – to me
While you sleep little one – sleep.