1. Higher Self

This track has simple lyrics that are repeated throughout. I wanted to get across the point of the song, which is asking the listener if they truly know themselves?

Most human beings spend the majority of their time on Earth playing a role that has been programmed by our parents, our surroundings and society. We are unaware that this is a false identity and not who we truly are at the core of our being.

Whilst the personality and ego have their place, they were not designed to run the show- rather they were designed to take instructions from our Higher Self.

I spent many years wearing a mask so that I could 'fit in' and be 'loveable'- I did this unconsciously to some degree. It is only as I have been going through my awakening process that I have come to realise how little I listened to my higher self and followed it's simple guidance. It's only now I realise it has been there all along- the 'silent witness' in the background... and I am finally listening!!!


Aah- Haa
Aah- Haa
Do you know yourself- your Higher self?

Aah- Haa
Aah- Haa
And have you asked- who's behind this mask?
There you are- there you are.

Don't runaway, runaway, runaway
Again, and again, and again
Can you feel the truth?
The silent witness that's really you?
Don't runaway, runaway, runaway,
Again, and again, and again.

Do you know the power, behind that mask?